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'Flood' - The Drowning City

author robert fowler flood    Set in 1966 during the time of the great flood of Florence, ‘Flood’ is the tale of Chris, a seventeen year old boy from England whose young life is turned upside-down in a short space of time. Desire, love, jealousy and hate are sprinkled liberally around the group of people who surround him. His neurotic mother unable to cope with the aging process, her lover, the devious and scheming Randolph, the attractive Orabella who (more…)

Electronic Books - Kindle Readers

 Electronic Books By Robert FowlerSelf-publishing has increased in popularity by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Perhaps it’s because self publishing is an affordable alternative for aspiring publishers who cannot make headways with mainstream publishers. Kindle books publishing is a platform used by Amazon for publishing electronic books. To profit from your book, you need to consider using Kindle Direct Publishing rather than a (more…)


As you may have read in the rest of my website, I had to have many operations from the age of 25 and these were carried out at the wonderful Stanmore Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. It wasn’t just my operations that I…  Read More


robby4-a-e1364604904752I was born in Bethnal Green hospital, London on the 19th of June 1954. My father was English and my mother Italian. She was born in Florence and lived there until coming to England at the age of 20.


robby3-e1364248369590What inspired me to start writing was when I wrote about having to stop playing football at 24, because I had early arthritis. My body began to be riddled with it, and my hip was replaced when I was 25.

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