Self Publishing Fiction Author Launches His New Website



Great news!!!

Today I have had launched my new website to accommodate going into Self Publishing.

It was sad to see my old website go and having said that, it wasn’t old, it was only 1 year old but that website was built for me when I had my first book launched last year. That book was Flood but it was in the hands of publishers as a paperback book (you can still buy copies from me, I have a few left) and part of my deal was to get a website and so of course my website was all centered around the book Flood.

The website I had before was great for it’s purpose at the time but as I want to start to release my other books as a Self Publisher but this time as electronic books, starting in the Kindle format on Amazon – well I needed a complete revamp of my website.

I’m really pleased how well this website has turned out, propelling my into the world of Self Publishing – yikes, it’s scary!!

I would like to thanks the team at NewNet Media for their skills and workmanship on this site, for helping to get my self publishing going, for getting fantastic graphics created for me and for literally taking over and helping me to set up my social networks such as my Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter account.

So everyone, I would like to invite you on my journey in the world of Self Publishing and I hope to read your honest reviews on Amazon:-)


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