Free Kindle Book Promotion For Swallows And Ice Cream

kindle-swallows-300-x-300-Free kindle book promotion for Swallows And Ice Cream starts as of 18th May 2013. This free day period will run for 5 days until 22nd May 2013.

This will be my first attempt at promoting works of mine as a short story literary fiction book on Amazon, using Amazon’s KDP program.

I have enlisted the services of NewNet Media to carry out the promotional works building up to this 5 day free kindle book promotion, and also during those 5 days too. If you would like to go to my free kindle book promotion page then please go to and see if the promotion is still running.

About Swallows And Ice Cream

Steve, a nineteen-year-old English boy, lives and works in one of the small Tuscan villages that surround Florence. He is a lost soul, haunted by the memory of his beloved Katherine, whom he has left behind in England.

Steve is a boy lost in confusion, riddled with guilt that he cannot undo. Katherine comes to him more and more in nightmares; unable to escape her, she now haunts his days as well as his nights. Everything is catching up with Steve; sooner or later, he will have to confront his bitter past.

You can find Swallows And Ice Cream at or at or to find out more about Swallows And Ice Cream and watch the book trailer, go HERE

I will run Swallows And Ice Cream as a free kindle book promotion, several times throughout the year and will report back how my first ever promotion went.

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