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last bus home robert fowlerLast Bus Home can it be classed as popular books for teens to read but also as good books for young adults to read?

Last Bus Home is all about 2 teenagers, Scott and Jet, who’s lives come together in strange circumstances on a normal trip out to buy a book in town.

Scott & Jet’s life, even at 15, are worlds apart. This story is about when these two worlds come together. Its about how each view the others world, be it family, love, education, past, future and present. In just one evening, they see another life that is alien to them, its how they react.

A wonderful 3 star review has been left on Amazon.com by L. Sims – she left the following review:-


Short story about two young people from totally different backgrounds living different lifestyles. Scott comes from a more secure home, while Jet does not have a good home life. These two meet and as is often the case polar opposites attract. Instead of going home he spends more time with Jet. Unlike him her use of language is colourful to say the least“.

A well written story from this author giving us a slice of life that’s smacks of realism. I liked both Scott and Jet, they were interesting and diverse. I liked that these two met and even though they spent a short time together they had a connection that was well written.
Be prepared though this is not sweetness and light“.  L. Sims


Thank you so much L. Sims for capturing the nature of Last Bus Home and how two very different teenagers lives come together for a short while.

Last Bus Home – Popular Books For Teens

Another superb review which received 5 stars and the review was put onto Amazon.co.uk by Julie. W – she left the following review:-


“The story is all set around Scott a 15 year old schoolboy delaying getting his last bus home”.

“I found both Scott and Jet believable characters and amazing how they both came to meet and the events that unfold”.

“Jet is a girl who’s not had a good home life and has learnt to live her life by the street culture. Whilst Scott is an affluent boy who’s world has always been on a good and healthy path to success”.

“In 1 night Scott gets to discover a totally unknown world to him, full of life experiences from Jet. Jet is such a likeable character although nearly every sentence has a swear word in it but it doesn’t matter as that part of what makes Jet real”.

“A thoroughly good read about 2 different teenagers lives with excitement, lust and a few hair raising moments but with a tragic ending”. Julie. W


Julie. W – that was such a wonderful review which really confirms Last Bus Home can fall into the category of popular books for teens and good books for young adults. I would also like to stress though, that this book is suitable for all ages from teens to whatever age may wish to read about how life can be with the youth today.

The verdict is yes, Last Bus Home can be classed as popular books for teens and good books for young adults to read.

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