A look into the book ‘FLOOD

Set in the great time of the flood of Florence

author robert fowler floodSet in 1966 during the time of the great flood of Florence, ‘Flood’ is the tale of Chris, a seventeen year old boy from England whose young life is turned upside-down in a short space of time.

Desire, love, jealousy and hate are sprinkled liberally around the group of people who surround him. His neurotic mother unable to cope with the aging process, her lover, the devious and scheming Randolph, the attractive Orabella who hides a disturbing secret, and the beautiful and captivating young art student Gina, loved by everyone to Chris’s consternation.

Gina guides him through the rain drenched streets showing him around the famous city and its priceless historical treasures. But every rain filled day increases the danger of the beautiful city drowning once more.

The rain is persistent and the river Arno cannot cope. Finally the flood’s violent surge breaches its banks, setting off a violent chain of events in which lives are lost and livelihoods destroyed as homes and shops are submerged in thick mud; the city is plunged into darkness as the floodwaters cut off the city’s electrical supply and raw sewerage washes around the streets.

Chris now unwell and alone sets out across the devastated city in search of Gina who is working where the flooding has been at its most catastrophic in a desperate fight to save 500 years of history.

It is a journey they will both live to regret.