Obsessed by a woman… haunted by the past

Sea Of Dead By Robert FowlerA Sea Of Dead is a historical military fiction book based at the time of World War 1. A Sea Of Dead a military romance fiction novel where you’ll find Captain David Sherman has been based in France fighting on the World War 1 front line.

It is here where he receives his crippling physical & psychological injuries and is sent back to England to recover.

Captain Sherman doesn’t return to his family home, instead he goes to Lady Almina’s country estate to rebuild and recoup his life. There situations unfold that sets of a chain of events that could lead to his downfall.

Captain David Sherman has been sent to recover from injuries received in the trenches of France.

It is 1918, and the war is already over for some like David. Scared and invalided, he will have to begin a new life. He is staying at the house of Lady Almina, who has opened her house and grounds to help with the war effort. There David meets Marlin Walker, an attractive widower who helps around the estate.

The captain is captivated by Marlin, to him she is unlike any woman he has ever met, but that is where his problems begin. As well as his physical injuries, he also suffers from endless nightmares and a deep feeling of guilt that he has returned alive, when so many did not.

Much more of a complication, is the fact that he is also married with two daughters, and his father-in-law is a rich and powerful businessman; David’s obsession with Marlin sets off a chain of events that could lead to his downfall.